The mapper

Hey there

I’m a big fan of maps, the main reason is that I used to draw maps for my d&d games, and I really enjoyed creating them. But sometimes if felt a little repetitive, I always used the same resources, same shapes… and I’ve decided to get it done by a program.

I tried this long ago, and I found an algorithm based on the division of the map by straight lines, rising the ground level on one and lowering it on the other, however, I’m looking forward to something more organic.

I’ve thought about creating tectonic divisions, which would affect the elevation of the terrain, and some water erosion would be great.

So the first part would be getting an heterogeneous surface. At the moment I have no idead how I’ll do that (in an organic way).

Latter I’ll divide the surface, creating tectonic plates, which will move converging and diverging. At the same time water erosion and magma expulsion will modify the terrain in a faster fashion.

There’s 0 code written right now, but I’ll update you when I’ve something cool to show you.

See you soon


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