Rune Code

Hey there

I think the code is ready to work, so I’m going to give a little explanation about it.

  • What do you need for it to work?

Python, pygame, the font file and a txt file with a element per line to assign a rune to.

  • How does it work?

Easy, you run the program and choose:

  • Width of the image
  • Height of the image
  • Number of vertical divisions
  • Number of horizontal divisions
  • Minimum number of lines
  • Maximum number of lines

There’s an extra parameter, but you need to modify the code.

Line 33 says:


This means the base line of the rune will be vertical and placed in the middle of the x axis, change it to False to create diagonal base lines.

Once you have run the program a little windows with the resolution you have chosen will pop out with the runes. Use the right arrow to iterate through the runes created, and return to save an image.

Some examples:

Let me know what you think



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