Rune update

Hey there!

I’ve been working on my rune alphabet creator and I wanted to write a little bit about it.

I’ve something that kind of works. It’s quite simple, it starts with a vertical line, and then adds up more lines. First of all the user defines the proportion of the rune, being that done is time for the complexity of the rune, which is controlled by 3 aspects:

  1. Number of vertical divisions
  2. Number of horizontal divisions
  3. Number of lines

The simpler ones are a 2×2 divisions runes, with 2 lines. What does it mean? Well, since we are dividing the height and width in 2, there are 3 points to connect per axis:

  • Top, middle and bottom (vertically)
  • Left, middle and right (horizontally)


So, if you look at the image, you can see the base line (in red) and all the possible dots to connect. Since all lines must be connected, the program stars in one of the dots crossed by the base line, and connects it to one outside the base line.

So, right now I can create runes with (theoretically) infinite complexity, but I want to show you some simple runes I’ve created:

2×2 runes with 4-5 lines

One of the problems I’m facing is that the runes doesn’t look at all like the concept behind, per example, you would use an arrow like rune to represent an arrow. I’ve been thinking about ask the user an abstract value for the concept, so the more complex the concept behind is, the more lines the rune will have.

I’ll post the code when is ready

See you soon


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