Rune project

Hey there

So, this is an idea I have had for some time haunting me. I want to create a simple script capable of designing a runic alphabet. First of all I have searched for some conceptual and visual references. The older alphabet according to wikipedia (source of knowledge I dare to trust) is elder futhark. I like that one for its visual aspect, sharp lines and 45º angles, seems easy to adapt and modify.

  • What would the program do?

What I have in mind is a tool capable of assign unique symbols to a list of:

  1. Concepts
  2. Phonetic elements

Maybe both at the same time, that’s for the user to decide.

  • How would it work?

The user prepares a list of concepts he wants to represent, runs the program, and obtains and output of images assigned to his/her concepts.

  • How would the runes be created?

In the visual reference I used before you can observe that 20 of 24 runes have at least one vertical line, and more vertical or diagonal lines creates the complexity of the rune, no horizontal lines are used. The idea is to establish a base structure, and then add more lines following simple rules like:

  1. Fixed angles
  2. Lengths
  3. Number of lines
  4. Joining points
  • Applications?

Well, I don’t really need this code, but I can think about one or two potential applications, like videogames (or role playing games) where some occult language contains useful information for the characters and you want something they could crack with some tips, so you just write down some concepts and your alphabet is ready to work.

Ok, I think that’s all I had to say. Let’s code!

See you soon


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